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When I was just 4 or 5 years old, I've seen my first Tim Curry film: Annie. I really liked it and I cried at the end, but that didn't make me the fan I am right now. Maybe in my unconciousnes, cause I always wanted to see the movie again.

Some years later - or was it the same year - I've seen Legend. I liked these kind of films when I was a child and I still do.

Well, now my story, which made me a Tim Curry fan:

It was March 1996 evening. I visited a friend of mine and we were just watching TV. I was really bored and I think my friend was also, so she came along with a list of videos she had at home. There was Addams Family, Life of Brian and The Rocky Horror Picture Show. I always thought that Rocky Horror was something dirty, something, that I shouldn't watch and I thought that it was kind of comedy show or something. I really didn't know anything. So I told my friend, that I wanna watch Rocky. I was really bored at the beginning and was of the opinion, that Rocky Horror was just another boring Broadway Musical for old people. Even at the Time Warp I stayed pretty cool. But the sweet transvestite from Transexual Transylvania really shocked me. I watched the last hour of the film open mouthed. I liked it so much, that we watched it twice this evening.

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