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First of all I was really fascinated by the role of Riff Raff and Magenta and wasn't really interested in the role of Frank'N'Furter or Tim Curry himself. The same friend told me some weeks later, that there was this serial called Earth 2 on TV and that Tim Curry had a role in it. I was interested and so I watched it. They always showed a review of the last weeks showing. When I saw Tim Curry crawling around on a hill, my heart stood still for one second. I didn't believe that. I was just so happy to see him on screen. I was fascinated by his mouth and his wonderful big eyes and that's what me made a fan. After that happened I was both a Tim Curry fan and a Rocky Horror fan, but I am happy, that Rocky Horror just helped me to become a Tim Curry fan and didn't make me a fan. That's why I never compared him with Frank'N'Furter or vice versa.

A few months after my Rocky Horror and Tim Curry experience I attended a musical school for 3 years, where I did Jazz, Tap, Acting and Singing and I took 2 years of singing lessons. I can say, Tim Curry brought me back on stage and that's what I want to thank him for. For me the stage is the most wonderful place in the world. I was never feared, cause I acted on stage since I was 5 years old and so I am just craving for aplause and fame... Hahaa

So - no wonder - one of my biggest dreams is, to do a play with Tim Curry, but I am pretty sure, that this dream never will come true.

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